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May 2014 Archives

New sentencing guidelines for felonies to take effect in Oregon

Being charged with a felony can put an Oregon resident in a very difficult situation. Besides the serious penalties, such as expensive fines and a lengthy prison sentence, residents of Multnomah County, just east of Portland, who are accused of felonies will also have to deal with new risk evaluation guidelines.

Oregon teacher faces charges of alleged sexual abuse of a minor

A sex crime accusation is one of the most damaging charges a Portland, Oregon, resident can face. Not just in terms of penalties and other possible repercussions, but because it can severely damage the accused person's reputation. It can lead to employment troubles as well, especially when the allegations of sex crimes involve a minor and the suspect is involved with children in the person's work.

Portland man facing drug charges eludes police, U.S. marshal

Being charged with a crime and facing the possibility of serious consequences can be an overwhelming experience for any Portland, Oregon, resident. Despite the severity of the situation, some make rational decisions, while others react negatively by making questionable decisions. Unfortunately, a Portland man who was facing drug charges chose the latter and has now been declared a fugitive.

Compromise reached, criminal charges dropped against NBA player

NBA player Terrence Jones just secured a crucial win in a Portland court, and not the court you might think of. The player, who had a storied amateur basketball career peppered with championships, recently won a legal contest held in a courtroom. Jones, who plays for the Houston Rockets, a team which is embroiled in a hotly contested NBA playoff series with the Portland Trailblazers, recently had criminal charges against him dropped after a civil compromise was reached.

Oregon woman to face Measure 11 penalties if convicted for murder

As most Oregonians know, felonies have significantly tougher consequences than other criminal charges, typically longer prison sentences and heftier fines. A southern Oregon woman is now looking at such charges - in her case, murder charges - after her recent arrest for violating terms of her probation from an unrelated assault case.

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