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A dangerous expansion of Oregon's aid and abet liability.

Today the Oregon Supreme Court upheld Ronald Everett's conviction for Solicitation to Commit Aggravated Murder on the grounds that he solicited someone to deliver damaging information about an outlaw biker to other members of that individual's outlaw biker gang, in the hopes that members of that gang might act on such information by murdering that outlaw biker.

Two Portland men to face grand jury on charges of attempted murder, assault

The Oregonian reports that two men were arrested on Tuesday on suspicion of attempted murder and first-degree assault stemming from an April 13 incident at Rose City Park in Northeast Portland. According to police, one of the suspects shot a young man with whom he had been fighting. The other suspect is accused of providing the firearm used in the shooting. The victim was reportedly found with multiple gunshot wounds, though his injuries were apparently not life-threatening.

Portland politician charged with domestic violence

In Oregon, domestic violence involves harassment, a protective order violation, interference with making a report and assault. If you are facing domestic violence charges, you should know that there are various repercussions for this type of conviction. Some sentences include hefty fines and lengthy jail time. Furthermore, a domestic violence conviction could jeopardize your career; it could impact decisions made by potential employers. In a recent story, a political candidate from Oregon is confronting charges for domestic assault. This case will undoubtedly affect the man's political contention.

Words of encouragement make assault (and robbery) more serious.

It has long been the case that "your own words can be used against you" in a criminal case. Now it is equally clear that the words of others, even if unknown to you can be equally as damaging. On December 21, 2011, the Oregon Court of Appeals held that giving verbal encouragement to a person committing an assault constitutes "aiding" that person under Oregon's Assault, Robbery, and "Aiding and Abetting" laws.

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