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9th Circuit upholds extended SOL in child porn cases

Today in United States v. Carpenter, a case out of the Portland division of the District of Oregon, the 9th Circuit joined the 2nd and 8th Circuits in holding that the production of child pornography necessarily involves the "sexual abuse" of children as that term is defined under federal criminal law.

Child porn accusations against children's nurse

A male nurse at the Oregon Health & Science University's Doernbecher Children's Hospital has been accused of sharing child pornography on the Internet. The 43-year-old pediatric nurse was arrested Feb. 16 after investigators claimed that he had been using his home computer and the screen name "Kidluver" to share sexual images of children using peer-to-peer networks.

Pornographic images played role in tragic story of Josh Powell

Our readers have no doubt heard by now of the tragic death of Josh Powell, husband of missing Utah woman Susan Powell, and his two sons. The story has received national attention not only because of the horror of the incident itself, but because of the criticism of those who say red flags should have prompted a custody order change.

Brain damaged man sentenced to over 15 years on child porn charges

Earlier this month, a 41-year-old Washington man was sentenced to 15 years and 8 months in prison on charges related to possession of child pornography and raping a child. The case was somewhat interesting, though, as the man was known to have brain damage and documented lack of impulse control.

Local man charged with possession of child pornography

A 41-year-old Oregon City man was recently charged with encouraging child sexual abuse after law enforcement found the man to be in possession of numerous child-porn videos. Police reportedly found out about the man's activity during an investigation of Internet advertisements for file-sharing sites which were known to contain pornography.

Former middle-school teacher faces federal charges for pornography, P.2

In our previous post, we began looking at the story of a former math teacher at Stoller Middle School who was arrested on Monday by federal authorities and hit with federal child porn charges shortly after state prosecutors dismissed charges of encouraging first degree sexual abuse.

Former middle-school teacher faces federal charges for pornography, P.1

Federal authorities arrested a former middle-school math teacher in Portland on Monday, September 19 at the Multnomah County courtroom, shortly after the closing of a state trial on charges of encouraging child abuse in the first degree. The man had reportedly been charged with 30 counts of the crime.

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