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Supreme Court to hear case involving question of warrantless blood tests

On Tuesday, the nation's highest court decided to hear a case presenting the issue of whether police must have a search warrant before subjecting a suspected drunk-driver to a blood test. The case giving rise to the appeal involves a Missouri man who was pulled over by a high patrol officer for speeding in the early hours of the morning. The officer arrested the man for DUI after he appeared unsteady on his feet and failed sobriety tests.

NHTSA prepared to offer states incentives to require ignition interlock devices

According to new findings by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over two-thirds of drunk-driving deaths in 2010 involved drivers with a blood alcohol content of .15 or higher. That translates into 7,145 out of 10,228, or around 70 percent. The most frequently reported blood alcohol content among all drinking drivers in 2010 fatal crashes was apparently .18, which is over twice the legal limit in all 50 states.

Randy Travis arrested for drunk driving in Texas

Country singer Randy Travis was recently arrested for DUI near his home in Texas after his vehicle was driven off the road, where it struck barricades in a road under construction. Police reported that Travis was combative at the scene and refused to perform sobriety tests. Officers did end up administering a blood test, the results of which are pending.

Oregon DUI: How long will my license be suspended? P.1

Some of our Portland readers may remember Matthew Fox, the actor from the popular television series, "Lost." Fox was reportedly arrested earlier this month in Bend, Oregon, for suspicion of driving under the influence. Police cited Fox for DUII, driving under the influence of intoxicants after failing to properly signal or stay in his lane. He was apparently making a late-night run to a fast food restaurant at the time of the incident.

Oregon Supreme Court redefines the term "informed"

In a bizarre case of judicial pretzel logic, today the Oregon Supreme Court holds that a person who is arrested for drunk driving has been "informed" of the consequences of their failure to submit to a breath test even if they do not understand what has been told to them. In fact, they can be told in a language they do not understand.

22-year-old to spend 10 years behind bars for drug-induced hit and run

A 22-year-old Washington County man pleaded guilty late last week to first-degree manslaughter and other charges in connection with a June incident in which he crashed into a jogger and killed her when he was high on drugs.

Portland firefighter found guilty of DUI

A Portland jury recently found a firefighter guilty of DUI after a two-day trial on charges that he crashed his van into a parked car while driving under the influence of intoxicants. In addition to the DUI conviction, the firefighter was found guilty of reckless driving.

DUII breath, blood and urine draws held involuntary

On December 14, 2011 the Oregon Court of Appeals stuck to its guns and held again that in a DUII (drunk driving) prosecution, a person's consent to a blood, urine or breath test is not voluntary if that person has been informed of the "rights and consequences" of refusing such a test.

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