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High school student faces distribution of drugs allegations

Throughout the years, drug abuse has been a menace to Portland, Oregon, communities. For that reason, the law prohibits residents from being involved with mind-altering substances. This includes the act of selling, manufacturing and possessing illegal drugs. In Oregon, distribution of drugs is considered a felony; conviction often results in severe penalties, including fines and jail time ranging from three years to life in prison.

Oregon man faced with murder charges attempts suicide

Even a criminal charge for a minor offense can be distressing and demeaning. Imagine if a person is faced with allegations related to violent crimes, such as robbery and murder charges. Those types of crimes are called felonies -- acts that are considered a threat to other people's welfare and may result in serious penalties.

Homeless man faces sex crime charges in Oregon

Criminal violations that involve sexual abuse attract a great deal of attention. Those crimes include sexual assault, child sexual abuse and pornography. The law addresses these acts with very careful concern because of their sensitive nature. In Portland, Oregon, sex crime accusations often result in severe consequences. Sex offenders may lose their credibility, be subjected to hefty fines and receive harsh punishments.

Portland businessman faces federal crime charges

Certain animals are protected by law. Depending on the state, those animals are protected under specified parameters including age, size and population. In Oregon, for example, there are laws pertaining to the prohibition of hunting or selling endangered animals as well as laws against animal cruelty. In most states, laws aimed at protecting animals may require permits and other legal requisites. Violation of these laws may be considered federal crimes.

Oregon man faces multiple criminal charges, including arson

Criminal offenses related to acts of violence may result in severe penalties. Unlike non-violent criminal charges, murder, arson or assault may pose a threat to the public's general welfare. Being accused of such crimes in Portland, Oregon may make a person's life very difficult. A person accused of a crime is often stigmatized by society, even if that person has not yet been convicted.

Portland man arraigned on murder and firearm charges

Murder charges are serious felonies that must not be taken lightly. Oregon, in particular, is one of 46 states that imposes a felony murder rule. Under this rule, murder is a first-degree felony that has serious consequences for those convicted of such violent crimes.

Oregon man arrested in connection with child porn

Portland, Oregon, residents are aware of the various technological advancements and their effects on other people's lives. Technology introduces various ways of communication, entertainment and accessibility of information. In addition, technology also offers ways to detect criminal activity as in the recent case from Ashland, Oregon.

Oregon police arrest man for alleged involvement in robbery

Police arrest a number of people every year in and around Portland in connection with crimes. A considerable number of these arrests are for alleged robberies and other violent crimes. An arrest for a robbery in Oregon can have serious consequences.

New bill will expand Oregon database sex offenders list

A sex crime conviction carries with it humiliating consequences. Prison terms and fines are determined by the severity of the sex crime. Unfortunately, even if a convicted sex offender has already served jail time, that person's information is inserted in a database viewable by everyone in the community. Usually, the worst offenders are included but a recent move by the Oregon State Assembly might change the scope of the public database.

Oregon man faces federal charges due to threatening Emails

Oregon readers may know that with the internet, it is very easy to reach people in various ways. Portland residents may communicate with people in Eugene through emails and text messages. However, any messages sent by email may bring allegations and lead to federal criminal charges.

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