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Justice Delayed is Justice Denied (again)

Yesterday, the Oregon Court of Appeals held that the Cornelius Oregon Police Department did not act in good faith reliance on then-existing law when it impounded and searched a car that was parked in its owner's driveway.

Oregon couple faces charges after drug bust

Oregon, like most states, has strict laws when it comes to drug-related offenses. Laws of this kind typically mean severe consequences including costly penalties and a lengthy jail sentence for residents who are convicted of drug charges. On the other hand, residents facing accusations of this kind risk tarnishing their reputation and compromising their current job or future employment opportunities if they fail to address the charges immediately.

Two people arrested on drug offenses at a traffic stop

Law enforcement officials, including those in the Portland, Oregon, area often make routine traffic stops in order to keep the roadways safe for fellow motorists. Sometimes during these investigations, police claim to find evidence that the driver or occupants of the pulled over vehicle are involved in illegal activities. Recently, two individuals were recently charged with drug offenses after a routine traffic stop in Sherwood, Oregon.

Oregon state police arrest two people on drug charges

Cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin and marijuana are all considered prohibited drugs in Portland, Oregon. A person caught using or distributing these drugs is likely to face serious charges, depending on the type of the prohibited substance and its quantity.

Five people face drug charges after Salem SWAT raid

A recent SWAT team's raid on a northeast Salem residence resulted in five arrests. In addition, police seized several thousand dollars, firearms and a substantial amount of methamphetamines that disrupted local distribution, according to a Salem police department spokesperson.

Man linked to drug overdose arrested in Portland, Oregon

Police officers recently apprehended a suspected drug supplier in Portland, Oregon, who they believe supplied drugs that were then sold and led to the heroin overdose of another man. The 24-year-old defendant and two others are in Multnomah County Jail after police allegedly found a .22-caliber gun, 1.339 grams of methamphetamine and 1.384 grams of heroin in their car.

Father and son face drug charges near Portland, Oregon

A father and his son are now in custody and facing drug charges. Police in Clackamas, Oregon, reportedly recovered a substantial amount of marijuana plants, dried marijuana and guns at their home. The two have been charged with illegal growing, possession and distribution of marijuana.

Two Molalla residents face meth possession and delivery charges

In Molalla, Oregon, approximately 25 miles south of Portland, city police officers recently arrested two residents, a 40-year-old man and a 39-year-old woman, on felony drug charges. The arrest followed from a search warrant that police were granted following an extensive 3-month investigation, according to a Molalla Police Department spokesman.

Why do I need a good lawyer?

So you don't end up wrongfully convicted like Dennis Alderman, or wrongfully sentenced to prison like Franklin Brooks. Two recent Oregon Court of Appeals decisions, first here and second here, illustrate the dangers faced by everyone charged in state courts with the commission of a felony crime.

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