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Think you aren't a felon? Think again!

In 2004, Nile Stark was convicted of the felony possession of a controlled substance. A "Judgment" convicting him of this felony was entered. He was placed on probation for 18 months and the court noted that if he successfully completed his probationary term he could ask the court to reduce his felony conviction to a misdemeanor. Having successfully completed his probation in 2006 Mr. Stark applied for and was granted an "Order" reducing his felony conviction to a misdemeanor.

Portland woman facing multiple felony charges

Crimes of violence, such as murder and armed robbery, are considered felonies and carry greater punishments than those of smaller misdemeanor crimes. Felonies are considered violations of the moral standards of society. And because such heinous acts pose great threat to the general public, felonies in Portland, Oregon often result in serious penalties.

Police arrest suspect involved in felony hit-and-run accident

According to Oregon law, a motorist who causes harm while driving is required to stop immediately at the scene of the accident. If a driver who caused an accident does not abide by this law, he or she can be charged with a felony hit-and-run. Upon conviction, the accused may receive serious penalties, such as a prison sentence, fines or both.

Army Reserve officer sentenced for felony crime in Oregon

The 28-year career of a U.S. Army Reserve officer came to an abrupt end in Oregon recently when he was convicted of misprision of felony. He allegedly failed to inform the proper military authorities that he was still receiving active-duty pay despite his reserve status. Misprision of felony is a crime resulting from concealing or failing to report a felony crime. Unfortunately for the officer, felonies like these often come with serious penalties.

State must specify basis for enhanced sentence

On Wednesday the Oregon Court of Appeals ruled that the when the government seeks to enhance a convicted defendant's sentence beyond the presumptive range, it must first give notice to the defendant of the specific grounds upon which it will base its request.

Portland man arraigned on murder and firearm charges

Murder charges are serious felonies that must not be taken lightly. Oregon, in particular, is one of 46 states that imposes a felony murder rule. Under this rule, murder is a first-degree felony that has serious consequences for those convicted of such violent crimes.

Oregon police arrest man for alleged involvement in robbery

Police arrest a number of people every year in and around Portland in connection with crimes. A considerable number of these arrests are for alleged robberies and other violent crimes. An arrest for a robbery in Oregon can have serious consequences.

DNA - Do Not (bother) Asking?

Today the Oregon court of Appeals held that a trial judge's denial of a post-conviction request for DNA testing is not an appealable ruling. In 1993 Stressa Johnson pleaded no contest to two counts of Murder and was sentenced to concurrent life sentences. In 2007 he filed a motion with the court seeking to test specific DNA evidence linking him to the murders

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