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Oregon state police arrest two people on drug charges

Cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin and marijuana are all considered prohibited drugs in Portland, Oregon. A person caught using or distributing these drugs is likely to face serious charges, depending on the type of the prohibited substance and its quantity.

Father and son face drug charges near Portland, Oregon

A father and his son are now in custody and facing drug charges. Police in Clackamas, Oregon, reportedly recovered a substantial amount of marijuana plants, dried marijuana and guns at their home. The two have been charged with illegal growing, possession and distribution of marijuana.

Drug bust allegedly involves 15 residential homes in Oregon

While the use of marijuana for medical purposes has been a hot, debated issue in most states, medical marijuana is legal in Oregon. The Oregon Medical Marijuana Act allows residents, including those in Portland, Oregon, to cultivate and use marijuana plants. There are rules concerning medical marijuana, particularly the specific amount of marijuana a patient can use and the number of plants that can be grown.

Traffic stop turns into drug crime allegation for Portland man

Laws enforced against drug crimes vary from state to state. Regardless, all 50 states, including Oregon, do not tolerate possession of illegal drugs. Illegal drugs may include marijuana, methamphetamine and cocaine.

Police arrest Portland man at traffic stop, drug charges follow

A person caught possessing, manufacturing and distributing illegal drugs will face drug charges. Charges depend on the type of drugs and the quantity. These factors will then be related to state and federal laws governing drug-related cases. For example, a person who was arrested with a small amount of marijuana will be charged with "simple possession" while a person caught with a large amount of the same prohibited substance will be charged with "intent to distribute."

Oregon's weed laws going up in smoke

A trio of legislative bills recently passed by the oregon legislature have wrought a lot of change in Oregon's marijuana regulation. First Senate Bill 82, signed into law and effective July 1, 2013 eliminates the 6 month driver's license suspension for those found guilty of the violation of possession of less than an ounce of marijuana.

Law enforcers collaborate with school officials, target minors

Authorities in Oregon are vigilant against drug crimes. Drug-related charges stemming from possession, distribution and manufacturing are common in Portland and law enforcers are very aggressive in tracking down offenders. Both adults and minors may face drug charges if they are caught by the authorities. Furthermore, leniency is usually limited to those who committed the crime for the first time, while repeat offenders are typically subject to harsher penalties and mandatory sentencing.

Business owners face drug charges in marijuana busts

Like many other states, Oregon allows citizens with a verifiable prescription to buy and use marijuana for medicinal purposes, despite federal laws that continue to ban the substance's production, transportation and sale. Licensed growers can be found around Portland, Salem, Eugene, and other cities who supply locally grown pot to state-registered dispensaries.

Dazed and Confused

Two recent articles in the Oregonian, also here and also here, highlight the hazy and confusing status of marijuana laws in Oregon. While our neighbor to the North has moved forward with the legalization of personal use quantitties of marijuana, Oregon still struggles with an archaic patchwork of laws criminalizing marijuana possession and distribution.

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