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Oregon teacher faces charges of alleged sexual abuse of a minor

A sex crime accusation is one of the most damaging charges a Portland, Oregon, resident can face. Not just in terms of penalties and other possible repercussions, but because it can severely damage the accused person's reputation. It can lead to employment troubles as well, especially when the allegations of sex crimes involve a minor and the suspect is involved with children in the person's work.

Resident of The Dalles faces multiple felony sexual abuse charges

Accusations of sexual crimes bring the possibility of lengthy prison terms and mandatory registration as a sex offender, both of which can substantially damage an Oregonian's reputation and put him or her in jeopardy of misguided community actions. Any resident facing sex crimes charges should deal with the situation immediately by securing the services of a qualified legal professional who can tackle the charges head-on.

Former Oregon cheerleader faces sex crime accusations

Criminal accusations can tarnish a Portland, Oregon, resident's reputation. Among the numerous criminal allegations that could tarnish a reputation, sex crime accusations seem to be the most damaging and provide substance for public ridicule. A resident facing such allegations should act immediately to clear the person's name.

Trial of athletic trainer accused of sex crimes set on May 1

Unlike other criminal charges, sex crime accusations seem to carry more weight for the Portland, Oregon accused. Allegations are more damaging to the personal reputation of the accused. The professional life of the accused can be damaged as well.

Police arrest 60-year-old man on sex crime charges

Sex crimes are sensitive topics in Multnomah County and across the state of Oregon. Readers understand that once someone is charged with a sex crime, such as sexual assault, child sexual abuse and possession of child pornography, they are subject to public ostracism, which, in turn, can damage their reputation. Aside from this, the sex crime suspect may face serious consequences if convicted.

New bill proposes lifetime imprisonment for some sex crimes

A new bill, sponsored by Senate President Peter Courtney, would affect future sentences on some sex crime charges by requiring 'predatory' offenders, such as those who are likely to repeatedly abuse children, to serve lifetime imprisonment once convicted.

Oregon's "most-wanted" sex crime fugitive nabbed after 15 years

A 55-year-old man wanted for multiple sex crimes he allegedly committed 15 years ago near Portland, Oregon was arrested in Montana after almost two decades as a fugitive.

Man faces sex crime accusation after grabbing incident

Sex crimes, including sexual assault, molestation, rape or lewd comments, are serious offenses with far-reaching and long-term negative consequences. The behaviors of accused sex crime offenders are scrutinized by the public and the local authorities even before their trial. Upon conviction, the accused are subjected to serious fines and penalties, including long-term imprisonment and the possibility of being listed as sex offenders.

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